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      Changzhou Xichun Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, is a private-owned enterprise which specializes in providing services from injection molding, processing of hardware fittings and precision molds to specialized development and production of four big series products such as speakers, receivers, speaker boxes and buzzers.

      Our headquarter is located in Jiangsu Changzhou with two production bases: one in Changzhou Wujin and the other in Nanjing Lishui. There are more than 1200 employees. Our sales outlets cover in several major and medium-sized cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our products are mainly applied in the cellphone, computer, GPS, learning machine, domestic appliance, alarm system and so on. And they are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Germany and many other countries and regions.

      Our company, equipped with advanced equipments for development, production and laboratory, has set up a sound management system. We not only establish efficient employee’s incentive mechanism and have a stable employee team, but also build a perfecting industry chain, and in the meantime assure the outstanding quality of our products. We do our utmost to supply timely and thoughtful service, and develop new products and provide effective and comprehensive solutions to our customers based on their requirements. We aspire to devote ourselves to create a long-term and sustainable growth of potential and value for our customers.

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